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The future of television is here.

TV is a huge part of our lives. We love to gather around our screens to catch the big game, see the twist at the end of a show, or watch history unfold. Yet, somehow, the TV watching experience hasn’t changed. Until now. Our new, innovative TV experiences will change what your expect from the big screen.

SlingTV is here.

Streaming is the future of television. Think about it. We’re already using apps like Netflix, WatchESPN, and Hulu to watch our favorite shows. These services allows us to make individual choices about what we want to watch and how we want to watch it. With SlingTV, we’re delivering a new kind of television, one that grants you the freedom and flexibility to make your TV watching experience personal, be it on your TV, phone, or tablet.

  • Unlimited streaming for an optimal TV watching experience
  • Available on any device – TV, phone, computer, tablets, streaming devices, etc.
  • No contracts, no hidden fees, and no service charges!
  • Try free for 7 days!
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Sling Orange

  • 30+ channels including ESPN, CNN & more
  • 1 stream at one time

Sling Blue

  • 40+ channels including Fox, NBC, & more
  • 3 streams at one time

Orange & Blue

  • All channels (50+) for the best value
  • 3 streams at one time

Channel Lineup

Watch instantly on your TV or other devices!

Stream Sling TV at home or on the go. Watch your favorite shows on your television, computer, tablet, or smartphone — anytime, anywhere.


Customize Your SlingTV Experience

Add channels like sports, Spanish TV, Spike, HBO®, International TV, and more.

Choose a Roku that’s right for you.

Roku 1

Streaming Stick

4k UHD Player

Roku 1

  • HDMI or A/V cable compatible
  • 1080p Full HD support
  • Built in channel shortcuts for popular channels
  • Control with Roku mobile app

Streaming Stick

  • HDMI compatible
  • 1080p Full HD support
  • 802.11 b/g/n dual-band wireless
  • Screen mirroring

Roku 4

  • HDMI (4K) compatible
  • 4k Ultra HD support
  • 802.11 b/g/n dual-band & 802.11ac MIMO wireless
  • Remote finder

Rent a Roku

Equipped with lightening fast processors, Roku offers endless streaming possibilities for you and your family. We offer 3 powerful models for you to choose from.

  • All in one streaming device!
  • Over 300,000+ movies and TV episodes and 3,000+ streaming channels
  • “The new Roku Streaming Stick is the best value in streaming-video hardware, period.” -CNET
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