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What Our Customers Say About the MyJade eBill App

“I love that I can securely pay my Jade bill with my phone. So easy!”

-Josie, Monte Vista

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-Tim, La Veta

“Love how MyJade lets me manage my account anytime, anywhere.”

– Taylor, Alamosa


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Your First Bill Explained

Your first Jade Internet bill will more than likely be higher than your following monthly bills. If your installation date does not take place on the 22nd of the month, your first bill will include the charges for the upcoming month as well as a prorated charge for the current month.

Additional charges: Your bill will also include the cost of any add-on services, like Jade Security or home phone, if requested.

How does the prorated charge work for the first month?

The prorated charge is a one-time charge for the period you’ve used your Jade Internet service in the first month. The prorated period begins the day you started service and ends on the 22nd of that month. The prorated charge is included in your first bill along with the charge for the next month’s service. You’ll receive your next bill around the 22nd of the month.

Why am I being charged extra for Premium Wi-Fi service?

All equipment and technology is included with your Jade Internet. There is no extra charge for equipment or technology (routers, switches, etc.). However, we are required by the government to itemize your bill. So, even though your equipment and technology is included in the cost of your Internet service it is itemized as a separate line item on your monthly bill.

I have a credit on my account. How will it look on my monthly bill? 

If you have a credit on your account, it will show up on your monthly bill with the letters CR next the amount due. On the online portal or MyJade ebill app, this credit will show up in parenthesis (). This is not an amount that you owe, instead it’s a record of your account history.

When is my Jade Bill due?2022-08-10T15:13:05-06:00

Jade’s Billing Cycle

Since we bill a month in advance, the invoice you receive on the 22nd of the month is for the upcoming month’s services. For example, your bill for July will be sent to you (by email or mail) on June 22nd, and that invoice covers the services rendered between July 1 and July 31st. To avoid administrative charges, this invoice must be paid in full by July 10th.

Jade Billing Cycle Timeline

How do I put my account on Auto Pay?2022-08-15T13:04:30-06:00

Signing up for auto pay is easy! Once you setup your recurring payment info, we’ll make sure your bill is paid on time, every time.

How do I sign up for Auto Pay?

  1. Login to your account portal
  2. Select “Auto Pay” from the overview tab
  3. Complete the registration
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