What if I do not have Internet from Jade?

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To stream your favorite TV shows  and movies, you must have a great internet connection. With Jade's Streamer and Speed Pro internet plans you can stream movies and shows from Netflix, Disney+, or Hulu in HD and 4K without any buffering or lag. Bring home the internet that provides the ultimate in entertainment. [...]

Will I need to upgrade my internet speed?

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Most streaming services like Netflix and Hulu recommend at least our Streamers Internet plan to allow for multiple streams and other connected devices to work simultaneously. If you have a lot of streaming devices in your home or want to stream in 4k, we recommend our Speed Pro plan. Call our Wi-Fi Wizards at [...]

What is streaming TV?

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Streaming TV uses the internet to deliver live and on-demand movies and shows to your home. If you have Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, you are already using a streaming TV service. Some of these streaming TV services are free, others have a monthly subscription. The majority of these services are no contract - and [...]

What is Emergency Response and how does it work?

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With Emergency Response you have 1 tap access to fire, police, or medical responders.   How Emergency Response works:.   Then choose from these options: Fire. Our 24/7 Emergency Response monitoring team calls the fire department for you and provides the location information you set in the Arlo app. Police. Our 24/7 Emergency Response monitoring team calls the police department for you and provides the location information you set in the Arlo app. Medical. Our 24/7 Emergency [...]

How do I change the motion sensitivity on my Arlo camera?

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If you get too many or too few motion activity notifications, try these steps to test or adjust the motion detection sensitivity of your Arlo camera. To test motion sensitivity settings on your Arlo camera:  Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at my.arlo.com. Tap Settings > My Devices. Tap a device. Tap Device Utilities > Motion Detection Test. Move the [...]

What do the icons in the Arlo app mean?

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To check Your Jade Security Device Status: Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at my.arlo.com. Tap or click Settings > My Devices. Select a device. The status icons and device settings display. Camera Status Icons:  Sound detection. If this icon is light gray, sound detection is disabled in the camera's currently [...]

Arlo Essential Wire-Free Camera Tour

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Legend: Spotlight: Activate the integrated spotlight manually, or set it to trigger when motion is detected. For more information, visit How does the spotlight on my Arlo camera work?. Note: The Arlo Essential Camera (VMC2020) does not have an integrated spotlight. Microphone: Use the integrated microphone to have a full two-way conversation with someone on the other [...]

How do I setup up smart notifications?

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To setup email alerts and/or push notifications: Open the Arlo app on your phone. Tap or click Mode and select the standalone camera for which you want to set up notifications. Tap or click the pencil icon next to the mode that you want to change. Inside the Edit Mode screen, the collection of rules that make up that mode displays. [...]

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