Consider Updating Equipment

Outdated devices – also called legacy devices – operate in older software versions that can cause high levels of interference and do not allow you to take advantage of current Wi-Fi speeds. Mixed generations of gaming consoles can also cause issues.

Be Aware of Signal Obstructions

Physical obstructions in homes such as adobe walls, cement walls, thick mirrors, metal frames or siding, and some types of flooring, can reduce the range of a Wi-Fi network by 25% or more. Adding a Jade Wi-Fi Extender to your home can extend your signal and give your more internet in every room.

Protect your Data and Your Family

Don’t be an easy target for individuals looking to access your personal information to use for their own illegal purposes. Viruses and Spyware programs are being created at an alarming rate. To help secure your computer and protect your personal information, we offer several recommendations.

  • Use Premium Wi-Fi (avoid store-bought routers)
  • Stay current on operating system updates
  • Leverage ProtectIQ – Jade’s system that protects you and your family from web intrusions and online viruses (included free in your internet service)
  • Use long passwords that contain numbers, letters, caps and special characters
  • Backup all critical data using an external drive

Feel free to contact Technical Support for additional help.