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Frequently Asked Questions – Bill Pay and eStatements

Understanding Your Bill

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Your First Bill Explained Your first Jade Internet bill will more than likely be higher than your following monthly bills. If your installation date does not take place on the 22nd of the month, your first bill will include the charges for the upcoming month as well as a prorated charge for the current month. [...]

When is my Jade Bill due?

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Jade's Billing CycleSince we bill a month in advance, the invoice you receive on the 22nd of the month is for the upcoming month's services. For example, your bill for July will be sent to you (by email or mail) on June 22nd, and that invoice covers the services rendered between July 1 and July [...]

How do I put my account on Auto Pay?

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Signing up for auto pay is easy! Once you setup your recurring payment info, we'll make sure your bill is paid on time, every time. How do I sign up for Auto Pay? Login to your account portal Select "Auto Pay" from the overview tab Complete the registration Account Portal [...]

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