Jade Internet is the fastest internet in the San Luis Valley. It’s also the most reliable. And home to the best customer service team. Find support for your Jade Internet service here.

Frequently asked questions included.

Tips to Improve Your Internet Experience

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Consider Updating Equipment Outdated devices - also called legacy devices - operate in older software versions that can cause high levels of interference and do not allow you to take advantage of current Wi-Fi speeds. Mixed generations of gaming consoles can also cause issues. Be Aware of Signal Obstructions Physical obstructions in homes such as [...]

Can I use my own router with Jade Internet?

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Meet Jade Premium Wi-Fi. We've found that Wi-Fi produced by store-bought routers is the main source of frustration and cause of trouble tickets for people who do not understand why their speeds seem slow or why their online experiences are subpar. This is the reason why we've decided to offer a fully managed Premium [...]

Whole Home Wi-Fi Support

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Let Jade provide you with a worry-free, high-quality wireless home network. With more and more users and devices being connected to home networks, we can help you optimize your home Wi-Fi network to maximize the performance of your connected devices. Jade Premium Wi-Fi includes: The Jade Blast, a Wi-Fi 6 router Ultimate privacy with intrusion [...]

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