Jade Phone is the most affordable VoIP phone and voice service in the San Luis Valley. It’s also the most reliable. Get 8 free features, including unlimited long distance in the USA, voicemail, caller ID, and much more!

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How do I setup call waiting?

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Enabling Call Waiting An alert tone gives notification of an incoming call. To answer the call, press and release the hook-switch To alternate between calling parties, press and release the hook-switch To end the conversation with the original part, simply hang up

How do I setup speed dial settings?

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Enabling Speed Dial Settings Dial *75 and wait 5 seconds for a dial tone Dial a cone number between 2 and 9 Dial the directory number to be stored with the corresponding code Wait 5 seconds for 2 bursts of dial tone, then hang up   Repeat steps 1-4 for each number to be stored, [...]

How do I setup three way calling?

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Enabling Three Way Calling/3 party conference calling Press and release the hook-switch to put the original party on hold Listen for 3 bursts of a dial tone followed by a steady dial tone Dial the number of the third party. You can now speak privately with that person. Press and release the hook-switch to establish the [...]

How do I use call forwarding?

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Enabling call forwarding to automatically forward your calls to another location Dial *72 and wait 5 seconds for dial tone Dial the forward to number If the station does not answer or is busy, you will need to hang up and repeat the previous steps If you repeat within 2 seconds of the original attempt, you [...]

How do I send my voicemail to my email?

By |2021-04-21T14:16:11-06:00February 19th, 2020||

Using the Free Voicemail to Email Feature Sign in to your email account When you get a voicemail message, you will receive an email from 'YOURTELEPHONE' delivered right to your inbox. The message will have an attachment Open the attachment and your media player will play the message If desired, save the attachment on your [...]

How do I access my voicemail?

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Accessing your voicemail from your home phone Dial 206-8100 If prompted, enter your password then push the pound (#) key Accessing your voicemail from a different phone Dial 206-8100 Enter your 10-digit phone number Enter your password then push the pound (#) key Retrieving messages once in your voicemail Sign into your voice mailbox Your [...]

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