Jade & Manassa Make History Together


Manassa Becomes Colorado’s First Multi-Gig Community

ALAMOSA, CO, September 14, 2021 – Jade Communications is excited to announce the introduction of 2 Gigabit broadband services in Manassa, making it the first-ever multi-Gigabit community in Colorado. Jade’s new multi-Gig service will increase the speed and bandwidth available by a factor of 20 times.

Jade Communications decided to focus on Manassa to lead the way with multi-Gig broadband as a way of honoring the town’s rich history.

According to Jordan Wehe, Marketing Director of Jade Communications, “It is essential to preserve the town’s history and legacy for future generations, and to help promote all of Southern Colorado as a wonderful place to live. We deliver service where it’s needed because we care deeply about the people who make up our region.”

The multi-Gig service not only preserves the town’s history, but provides another essential tool for local businesses and organizations to seize new opportunities.

“Jade has delivered high speed, gigabit internet to our elementary school for over a decade now and we are excited they will now offer this same high-speed connectivity to the students and families in our community,” said Brad Huffaker, IT Director of North Conejos School District. “As a company, Jade embodies the essence of what an internet service provider should be—community focused, innovative, and locally involved.”

“At Jade Communications, we have a longstanding commitment to closing the digital divide in all of our communities,” says Wehe. “To this end, Jade can help ensure success for the young people in Manassa, who have a deep need for digital access to education, opportunity and remote work, by providing a broadband experience that exceeds modern day demands.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Jade Communications to make multi-gigabit internet a reality across rural Colorado, starting with Manassa,” said Matt Collins, Chief Marketing Officer of Calix. “This is a monumental transformation, and one of the most rewarding aspects of our work together. From the convenience of the Jade Wi-Fi app, subscribers have access to parental controls and network security tools to ensure a safe and exciting connected home experience.  With community at the heart of every decision, Jade is a leading example of a modern, innovative service provider that will help transform the lives of subscribers and communities today and long into the future.”

Jade is currently taking pre-orders to ensure a fast, convenient, and exceptional transition for everyone who makes Manassa their home. As a community-focused, socially-active company, Jade invites Manassa residents to visit its website and Facebook page to learn more and catch up on the latest news.

About Jade Communications

Founded in 1990, Jade Communications began as a local cable television provider. In 2000, they deployed wireless internet service, which grew to encompass a fiber optic network that expanded across Southern Colorado. Today, Jade Communications is dedicated to innovation and community, with more than 1,200 miles of fiber that covers more than ten communities on the San Luis Valley’s only Gig-Certified network.