Landlord Consent: The Worry Free Way to Connect

To install Jade, we just need permission from your landlord/leasing agency.

Property Owner or Authorized Agent/Representative Name(Required)
Tenant Name(Required)
Tenant's Address(Required)
Methods of Installation(Required)
If underground burial is required, I hereby authorize Jade to complete that work prior to the installation of service. If you would like to inform Jade of any special circumstances or questions you may have regarding possible underground construction please use the Special Instructions box below or call us at 719-589-5140.
Terms of Consent(Required)
By checking this box, I/We (collectively I), as owner(s) (or the authorized agent or representative) of the property specified above, represent I have the authority to approve this Landlord Consent Form and hereby consent to the installation of the Jade system at the above-mentioned address including providing Jade Communications’ representatives reasonable access to the property for the installation. I understand the equipment will remain in place for its usual life, and release Jade Communications from obligation to remove the Jade system after installation. By providing this Consent, I release Jade from any liability to damages resulting from any alleged claim or violation of the tenant & landlord lease/rental agreement as it relates to the installation of the Jade system. I recognize that Jade’s representatives shall not be liable for any effects of normal installation or repair workmanship, including the insertion of screws through the surface of walls for attachment of peripheral equipment or the boring of holes in walls, floors, ceilings. Jade will be responsible for damages caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct caused by Jade representatives. If there are any questions please call Jade Customer Service at 719-589-5140.