Villain-proof your home.

Villain-proof your home.

Protect your online and offline life with Jade.

Protect your online and offline world with Jade

Finally get peace of mind with protection for your devices, for your kid’s online activity and safety, and for your home. All from one good provider.

Surfing the web protected thanks to Jade and ProtectIQ

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Protect your Family in the Real World and in the Digital One

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 Jade Wi-Fi protects your devices from harm so you can go wherever you want online.

Keep an Eye Out

Keep a closer eye on your home with Wi-Fi connected Jade Security cameras.

Set Boundaries

Surf the web protected with website and app filtering, time limits, and more with Jade Click.

People ❤️ Jade’s Total Protection

“Click is an awesome tool to help bring peace of mind for parents as your children spend time on the web PROTECTED. Thanks Jade!”

-Nathel, La Jara

“Just got Jade’s Whole Home Haven Security setup at our house and we are so impressed! Thank you for the amazing cameras.”

-Kevin & Crystal, Alamosa

“I love that the Jade Wi-Fi notifies me of blocked viruses and malware. I can surf the web with confidence knowing Jade has my back.”

-Taylor, Center

Rest easy knowing Jade is protecting your life, both online and offline

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With smart Wi-Fi that protects your devices, internet parental controls to block inappropriate content, and Wi-Fi connected security cameras to protect your home sweet home, you’ll finally rest easy again.

100% of Jade Security customers would recommend the service to their friends and family.

Comprehensive security and total protection starts at $175/mo

All of the protection. None of the nonsense.

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