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A computer monitor with a lightning bolt on it.
Colorado’s first multi-gig service. Only available in Jade Fiber Areas.
Just looking for something simple to send emails and check bank statements.

With Click, parents can:

Finally get peace of mind with protection for your devices, for your kid’s online activity and safety, and for your home. All from one good provider.

iPhone app showing a screen called "People" that allows you to pause internet connections based on the person's device\.

Manage Screen Time

Create balance with offline and online schedules to maintain a healthy home.

Content Restrictions screen in the Jade app\.

Filter Websites, Apps and More

Filter out harmful content and get notified of any attempts to reach blocked content.

iPhone showing the Jade app, on a screen called My Priorities that allows you to prioritize different types of traffic and devices\.

Prioritize Bandwidth

Spotlight the devices and internet activities that matter most in your home.

  • Filter Websites, Apps and More
  • Manage Screen Time
  • Add Unlimited Kids
  • Prioritize Bandwidth
  • Gain Insights
  • Enable Safe Search on Google and YouTube
  • Create a Harmonious Home
Easy installation / Free Setup and Configuration

Yes, I want Fast Internet that will most certainly blow my hair back!

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