Connected, now protected.

Protect your online and offline world with intriguing internet and home security cameras.

Connected, now protected

Protect your online and offline world with intriguing internet and home security cameras.

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What Makes Jade Special

Born from what the Internet was always supposed to be, Jade makes your Internet experience fast and magical. Our Internet is as fast as light – and no one has discovered anything faster than light.

And now, a few words from our friends.


“My only regret I have is that I didn’t make the switch to Jade sooner.”

Betsy S.


“The fiber optics, cost and service from Jade are the best . . . 100% better than HughesNet and Ciello!”

Kelli K.


“Absolutely excellent to work with in every way. They went out of their way to help me and their internet is great . . . I highly recommend Jade to anyone!”

Cole M.


“The best internet you can get in the valley and the customer service that I had was the best!!! No messing around from them just a solution to whatever problems you have.”

Sebastian R.


“Jade has been great from the very beginning. They showed up when they said they would, they completed the installation quickly and cleanly, and they have been on top of their customer service game. The quality and speed of our internet had increased while our bill has decreased.”

Eric P.


“Jade provides fantastic customer service and fast reliable internet service. I am very thankful for Lynn and all of the Wi-Fi Wizards for always taking such good care of me.”

Tandi B.


“There is simply no better Internet provider in the valley, hands down. Unlimited downloads, fast speeds, prompt customer service.”

Chris S.


“Harley was amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. Use to have CenturyLink and am so much happier with Jade!”

Samuel B.


“What a treat. The entire install was handled by very professional people . . . [we were] turned up way sooner than promised. Lightning fast!”

Robert S.


“Jade  installed high speed broadband in my rural small town home. . . Hats off to a local company, bringing economic development and community support to Huerfano County!”

David S.


“I wish more businesses were like this!”

Hart Family


“Praise Jesus for Jade! We have fiber optic in the sticks . . . Can’t wait to get home and give it a whirl!!!!!!”

Marlene R.


“Jade has excellent Wi-Fi and amazing customer service. You can tell the employees really care about their customers and make an incredible effort to stay one step ahead in order to provide the best experience. They deliver what they promise – powerful, simple, and dependable internet service. It is also a huge plus that they are local so you get great support at all times!”

Kellie S.


“My internet service is fast and reliable. Everyone I have dealt with at Jade has been kind, helpful, and respectful. Great company!”

Kelly O.


“From the day we first contacted Jade for internet service in our rural location, we have been pleased with our relationship. They immediately installed a working system that gave us very good access. As the technology has evolved over the years they have continued to be responsive. Our service is great. Thanks Jade!”

Jock J.

Big city Internet Service. Small town values.

At Jade, we provide awesome internet in Southern Colorado for home, work, gaming, and streaming. Our commitment to delivering the best online experience includes tools like parental controls, Wi-Fi connected cameras, and virus security that are sure to save you time and worry. In other words, we make the internet fun again.