Bring order to your chaos.

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Bring order to your chaos.

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Internet but safe - Jade Click

Some things just Click.

Protect your family both in the real world, and in the digital one.

The internet should be a place of fun, but you also have kids to protect, work to do, and when things are not going well online, you’re going to feel it.

Meet Click – a lifeline for your sanity that will keep your children’s eyes and ears protected, your work calls online, and help you lead your team to victory on World of Warcraft.

Finally, there is a service that brings it all together.

With Click, Parents Can:

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Manage Screen Time

Create balance with offline and online schedules to maintain a healthy home.

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Filter Websites, Apps and More

Filter out harmful content and get notified of any attempts to reach blocked content.

Jade Click Internet Priorities

Prioritize Bandwidth

Spotlight the devices and internet activities that matter most in your home.

Help! I need this in my life, like yesterday

Hey, hey, we get the excitement. It’s a game changer, for sure. The good news is you can sign up and get this service added to you Jade account without needing any additional equipment or scheduling an in-person installation.

Call us at 719-589-5140 to learn more or send a request below.

How Click Works

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Why Parents ❤️ Click

“As a father of two teenage daughters (10 and 14), I love the parental control features.”

– Cameron, Antonito

“Awesome tool to help bring peace of mind for parents as your children or grandchildren spend time on the web PROTECTED. Thanks Jade!”

-Nathel, La Jara

“Click notifies me of any suspicious behavior online that could potentially harm my child.”

-Crystal, Alamosa

Click’s Amazing Features

  • Filter Websites, Apps and More

  • Manage Screen Time

  • Add Unlimited Kids

  • Prioritize Bandwidth

  • Gain Insights

  • Enable Safe Search on Google and YouTube

  • Create a Harmonious Home

Get Started


  • Easy installation / Free Setup and Configuration

Questions? For more information, call (719) 589-5140.