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Level up your business with Jade – Southern Colorado’s only internet provider with a 99.999% uptime.

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Jade Tech Support

Take Your Business Further, Faster

As Alamosa County’s #1 internet provider, we mean business – and we’ll help take yours to the next level. Enjoy local support, unparalleled reliability, and 24/7 customer service.

We’ll even include the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology – for free.

Jade Wi-Fi App:
Control content, protect your Point of Sale, setup guest networks, and get real time security updates.

The Jade Way


Seamless integration. Fast Speeds. Ultimate productivity.


A lifeline to keep things moving. Reliable connections. Big savings.

Jade Internet Highlights

Jade Business Internet & Data Lines

Enterprise Internet

  • You work for a large organization with one or more locations requiring maximum bandwidth
  • Gigabit Speeds

Business Internet

  • Your business has a storefront where employees and (sometimes) customers use the Wi-Fi
  • Includes Premium Wi-Fi Service

Small Business

  • You run a small business with 2-5 devices connected to the Wi-Fi
  • Includes Premium Wi-Fi Service

Basic Wi-Fi also available  – Our Start Up business plan supports young businesses (less than 6 months old) that have 1-2 devices online and comes with a fully managed Wi-Fi 6 router ($60).

Boost Productivity with Jade Wi-Fi

Jade Wi-Fi protects your business from viruses, malware and cyber criminals, improves customer experience, and enhances employee productivity.


Jade Phone Highlights

Jade Business Phone

Turn small talk into big business with Jade’s reliable, crystal-clear fiber voice services. You can keep all of your current numbers and get all of the advanced phone features for free! That’s right, you won’t pay extra for call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, speed dialing, or voicemail.

  • Keep your current phone number

  • Improved reliability and increased voice clarity

  • Scalable solutions that allow for easy updates

Business Phone

  • Keep your current phone number
  • 24×7 Local Support

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Don’t Just Take Our Word. Listen to Our Customers.


“Jade is everything a communications company should be. Their fiber optic internet provides very fast service at very competitive rates. The customer service is top notch and they go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction.”

Mark S.


“The customer service I received from Josh, the Director of Network Operations, was second to none. He actually took the time to walk me through the use of their new Jade Wifi app. I cannot say that I ever received this type of customer service with AT&T, Time-Warner, Verizon, Spectrum, or Frontier.”

Mark H.


“Josh and Jordan personally delivered our router and set the system up within minutes. They tested the speed and we were ready to go online immediately at faster speeds than advertised. We are very happy. Thanks!”

Rich C.


“I’ve had Jade for a few years already and is hands down the best in the Valley. Thank you to everyone at Jade for the hard work and always providing great service!”

Sheena D.


“This company provides excellent customer service, reliable internet, and they are NICE! The fiber optic internet is affordable, and consistently available in all weather. Best internet connection we have ever had, and we recommend Jade to everyone”

Terry S.


“There is simply no better Internet provider in the valley, hands down. Unlimited downloads, fast speeds, prompt customer service.”

Chris S.


“The best internet you can get in the valley and the customer service that I had was the best!!! No messing around from them just a solution to whatever problems you have.”

Sebastian R.


“My internet service is fast and reliable. Everyone I have dealt with at Jade Communications has been kind, helpful, and respectful. Great company!”

Kelly O.


“Jade is a top-notch business. Their internet is great, customer service is awesome and they care about the San Luis Valley as they are involved in several local functions and festivals. Best provider around.”

Bo H.


“What a treat. The entire install was handled by very professional people . . . [we were] turned up way sooner than promised. Lightning fast!”

Robert S.