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Good Wi-Fi.
No Nightmares.

Voted Alamosa’s Best Internet for 3+ years, Jade Wi-Fi offers 5x the range of standard Wi-Fi and has enough bandwidth for you to work from home, game, and stream – even at the same time.

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Built for families and people who need the internet to be on its game at all times. Stream a lot of video or work from home? Internet bliss awaits.
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Internet as
Awesome as You Are.

Blaze new trails in streaming and gaming. Rock that online meeting. Throw whatever you want at your Jade internet—it can handle it.

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Colorado’s first multi-gig service. Only available in Jade Fiber Areas.
Just looking for something simple to send emails and check bank statements.

Not Sure Which One is for You?

Take the Internet Speed Quiz. It’s like Buzzfeed, but better.

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Please help me
Switch to Jade.

Follow These Steps
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Power up your Jade Wi-Fi app with Click.

Click helps you control your kids' screen time... and yours!

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Curate a Safer Internet

Filter out harmful content and get notified of any attempts to reach blocked content.

Manage Screen Time

Create balance with offline and online schedules to maintain a healthy home.

Prioritize Bandwidth

Spotlight the devices and internet activities that matter most in your home.

Internet, but Better

We pride ourselves in keeping the heartbeat of all that made the internet wonderful alive.

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Call it the Roy Kent of Wi-Fi. It’s here. It’s there. It’s every friggin’ where.

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Take the
Night Off

Toggle your internet on and off to get a much needed break with our Jade Wi-Fi app.

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Filter content, block problem sites, and set restrictions with Click.

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Keep Out
the Creeps

Bad actors may want your information. At Jade, we say, “Not on my watch!”

Jade Wi-Fi App

Craft the perfect Wi-Fi experience with our easy-to-use app.

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jade internet plans
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Download the App

Jade Click

More than just Parental Controls, it's a lifeline that keeps your work calls online and lets you know when someone tries to access restricted content.

$10 /mo

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Better internet is good for the planet.

"Less energy used, lower carbon footprint"
"Hybrid Fleet"
"We built a better box"