How an acronym started it all. Life at Jade.

The Gist

  • Most people hate talking to their internet provider, but most people like talking to us. We’ve got the secret sauce for internet happiness.
  • The Jade hiring process may be a little different than what you’re used to.
  • Skills are cool, but the right attitude and good character will take you further here.
  • There are 5 stages to the hiring process, including a presentation on the thing you're most passionate about.

The internet is magic—but when did it get so boring?

The idea that the internet is still a new frontier has been lost on society. Not at Jade.

Just over 30 years ago, Alan Wehe (you could call him “the father of internet” in Southern Colorado, we’ll leave that up to you) sat in his home pondering, “How will Southern Coloradoans entertain themselves in the years to come? Ah, I know! Cable TV!” So he started a cable company to meet the entertainment needs of the future.

Of course, every great company needs a name, so after assembling his super team: dog Jasper, brother David, and father Elwyn, we were christened Jade, an acronym of all their names.

Over the last 20 years, the internet market matured in Southern Colorado and our service area, which now is roughly the size of Massachusetts, has continued to grow. In this time, Jade has stayed focused on its purpose: serving our fellow humans well. To do this, we live and breathe our values every day.

And we have 3 of them:

  1. Community = Everything.
  2. Privacy is an essential human right.
  3. Have fun. Period.

We are addicted to playing, to being a little absurd, and to pushing the envelope just past where internet companies are “supposed” to be. So, what makes someone a good fit for Jade? And is Jade a good fit for them?

Regardless of the role within the company, we’re looking for go-getters and self-starters. People who hate the status quo and look at problems and challenges, not with a ‘that’s just how it is’ attitude—but more of a ‘let’s find a better way’ one.” - Josh Wehe, Director of Operations

The 5 stages of applying at Jade.

While every role may require a particular set of skills (we see you Liam Neeson), every candidate across the company is hired for similar qualities, attributes, and attitudes that will make our whole team better.

So, at Jade, there are 5 distinct stages to the hiring process:

  1. You say hey. This is where you kick things off by saying, “Hey, I’m ready to rock this!” Whether you slide into our DMs, send an email, or apply online, it’s your chance to make a splash. But you’ve gotta do something more interesting than just sending a resume and cover letter. Find a way to get our attention.
  2. We chat on the phone (phone interview). After your grand entrance, it’s time for a phone chat. Here, it’s not just about your resume; it’s about showing off your communication skills. Imagine you’re hosting a podcast and it’s your time to shine!
  3. F2F (Face to Face) Interview.  So, you’ve passed the phone test—high fives all around! Now, you get to meet the real life Wi-Fi Wizards at Jade in person. It’s like a coffee date, but with more scenario-based questions to see if you fit our vibes here. We’ll also probably ask you some questions about your interests outside of work.
  4. Your Passion Presentation. This is the key to success in the interview. Every candidate is asked to prepare a 5 min presentation on the thing they’re most passionate about. We’ve seen everything from Team USA duathlon (you’re freakishly fit, Jordan) to fish-keeping (keep up the great work, Adrian!). We’re on the hunt for skills like creativity, passion, energy, organization, empathy, and even humor. And this is your chance to wow us.
  5. Accept Your Offer. Drumroll, please! If you’ve found a way to dazzle us, we’ll hook you up with the golden ticket—a job offer! Now this offer, should you choose to accept it, comes with a job, benefits, and lots and lots of Jade swag. Like lots. But if you feel perhaps that Jade isn’t right for you, that’s okay, too. Just politely decline…no hard feelings!

A word from the Wi-Fi Wizards…

“Every day at Jade is fun and new! I always tell everyone that starts here…it’s a steep learning curve. But it’s doable. And the team is here to help you and have your back, regardless of department or level in the company.”

- Mel, Wi-Fi Wizard

“I never want to work anywhere else. Jade is the perfect blend of challenging yet rewarding, with a culture that’s fun, supportive, and creative. I love it here!”

- Jordan, Director of Marketing


- Lily, Head of Barketing

“The leadership here is so empathetic and kind. I’ve never worked anywhere where I felt safe to try new things and even make some mistakes. I’ve grown more here than I have with any other company.”

- Shadoe, Wi-Fi Wizard

“For the first time in a long time, I actually love my job! Josh and Jordan are forward-thinking, innovative leaders who support me and challenge me in every way. Plus, the company is family owned, which is huge.”

- Sandy, Wi-Fi Wizard