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Multi-Gig Internet: What is it? And is it worth the money?

The Gist

  • You’ve heard that multi-gig (2 Gig+) internet is fast. But how fast are we really talking?

Internet speeds have captivated national conversations since the COVID pandemic. Remember those days? We all needed speed sufficient enough to work from home, game, entertain ourselves and our kids, and so much more. And even now that we’re several years removed from the pandemic, our internet use has only increased, demanding the need for more speed.

Take Manassa, Colorado, for example, which became Colorado’s first multi-gig internet community in October 2021, and residents have benefited from the state’s fastest internet service ever since.

Our craving for multi-gig speeds will only grow in the future as more and more devices get added to home networks and new technology emerges like 8k streaming, artificial/mixed reality headsets, and new work applications. According to the Fiber Broadband Association, a four-person household will require over 2,100 megabits per second (or just over 2 gig) in download speed. 

You may be thinking, “That’s crazy, It’s not 2031 yet!” But we’re not waiting to deliver the future-proof speed you’ll need to be productive. It’s here today.

Oh, So Speed Pro. 
Much like Ron Burgundy, multi-gig internet is kind of a big deal. In 2021, we launched Colorado’s first multi-gig internet service and coined it our “Speed Pro” package because of its blazing-fast glory. The Pro moniker is there on purpose. It’s the internet speed needed for professional success, packed with maximum speed to tackle all the things you need to do with the internet. No messing around! Speed Pro delivers symmetrical 2 Gig internet (techy terms: 2000 mbps/2000 mbps). To put it into perspective, 2 Gig speed is roughly 20X faster than the average internet speed in the United States 😲🤯. 

That means our customers who work from home don’t have to worry about massive files taking forever to download while they’re on a very important business call. They also don’t have to worry about their Zoom calls freezing around 3pm when their kids get home from school wanting to play video games. And speaking of gamers, it also means that those of you who game don’t have to wait for big system updates to finish or worry about network lag.

Let’s just say, the Speed Pro life brings out the finer qualities of the internet.

✅ On a Microsoft Teams call for work? Can’t stop won’t drop.
✅ Trying to upload a large file? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 
✅ Streaming in 4K for movie night? It’s a total buffer-free breeze. 
✅ Looking to level up your gaming? No rage quitting required. 

How fast are you going?
You may ask, do I really need multi-gig speed? Here’s the deal, if you own a cell phone, tv, gaming console, and/or a computer the answer is a resounding yes. Think about it this way: do you need a car that can go 65 mph? Maybe not all the time, but it sure does make those weekend jaunts to the city a little quicker. Internet is the same way. The multi-gig speed gives you that extra bit of oomph when you’re really trying to get things done.

When’s the last time you stopped to think about the number of internet connections in your home? With 2 Gig internet, you’ll not only get the speed you need but you’ll experience the capacity you need too. Multi-gig means multiple people and multiple devices can access your network at the same time without experiencing delays or slow speeds. Everyone on your network can do what they want - at the same time! Speed Pro has the capability to support everything from your Jade Security connected cameras to your Wi-Fi connected Traeger grill and support smart home devices like Alexa or Google Home, all while you stream your favorite movies in high definition. It can handle it all, at the same time, with the reliability that you need! 

So, why not wait until 2031?
At Jade, our dedicated mission is to make our communities a better place to live by providing fast and reliable internet for homes and businesses. That means delivering the speed you need to do all of those things today.

Our commitment is first and foremost to our customers and community – we’re proud to serve hospitals, schools, clinics, airports, banks, churches, local businesses and more with the best and most innovative technologies – and we’re committed to expanding our network to every community in Southern Colorado.

Our neighbors can now experience the difference that multi-gig internet makes.