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Moving Made Easy: 5 Reasons to Keep Your Internet When You’re Moving

The Gist

  • Moving is stressful enough and we promise to not make it any harder than it already is. Pinky promise.
  • The fun side of the internet has its perks. Keeping your Jade service could result in cost savings, convenience, and even some cash in your pocket!
  • Coming up: we reveal 5 reasons why you should keep your Jade service at your new home.

Let’s face it, moving is stressful enough. Between coordinating movers, packing and unpacking, starting new schools, ordering utilities, and getting acclimated, it’s no wonder why moving is considered one of the five most stressful life events

And when it comes to ordering internet at your new home, the temptation is to go with what the previous owner installed or even find a cheaper alternative, but that’s not necessarily the right decision to make. Here are 5 reasons why keeping Jade during your move is actually a smart move!

1. You get more for your dollar with Jade.

Price is a huge consideration when it comes to picking a service provider. We’re all tempted to go out and find a better deal on goods and services, and internet service is no exception. But buyer beware: everything has a cost. Jumping to a cheaper alternative may seem appealing in the short term but you might miss out on critical benefits like gigabit speeds, complimentary network and virus security, staying in the know with your kid’s online activity, and quality customer service. It might be better in the long run for you to stick around with Jade, especially if you’ve enjoyed your experience thus far. 

2. You’re currently satisfied with your Jade experience.

Just think about all the new memories you’re about to make in that new home...is suffering with buffering one of them? We didn’t think so.

So, why would you consider a different internet provider if you know it will hurt your experience? When you change providers, you run the risk of losing significant internet speed and Wi-Fi performance. Not to mention, other providers may not provide network security or parental controls that are key to saving you time and worry.

And, if you’re currently satisfied with the customer service being offered, you should definitely not change internet providers. This aspect is just as important as having a fast and secure home network. Customer service agents that speak your language, live in your community, and can answer all of your questions (technical, billing, and customer help) is a big plus: no more long wait times on the phone!

Oh, and keep an eye out for other providers who may require large deposits, jack up the price after 3 months, slap you with high installation fees, or lock you into a long-term contract. These are not-fun. Anti-fun, really.

3. You can reduce your environmental impact.

If the reasons above aren’t jiving with you, this one surely will. Keeping our planet healthy means reducing our carbon footprint. And by sticking with Jade during your move, you’ll keep the equipment you already have, which is very good for the environment. And it prevents other providers from polluting the earth by sending their gas-guzzling bucket trucks to your home. Pro tip: recycle your boxes when you’re done unpacking. The Earth will thank you.

Plus, when you use all the same equipment, all of your devices will connect seamlessly to the Wi-Fi at your new place. And you won’t have to connect every device to Wi-Fi again. You’re welcome.

4. You can make some sweet sweet cash.

Cha-ching. Did you hear that? It was the sound of your home value going up. A 2023 study showed that homes with a Jade fiber connection rise in value by an average of 4.9%. So not only will you experience amazing connectivity in your new home, but you’ll also get a positive return on your investment when you’re ready to move out. Switching to another provider negates this important financial benefit.

5. You can bundle other services to simplify (and save).

If you’ve gotten this far into the blog, you already are well aware of the benefits of keeping Jade’s internet service upon your move to a new home. But perhaps what you might not know is that a good internet connection is more than just speed. It’s also about good Wi-Fi, your privacy and security, friendly and prompt customer service, customization, and so much more. Jade’s other services like home phone, parental controls, and Wi-Fi connected cameras, can help compliment your new home and help you keep tabs on your new investment. Bundling all of these services with your Jade subscription keeps your life simple and convenient, especially when tech support is needed.

Sticking with Jade is not just a question of integrity or loyalty. There are numerous benefits to you, including cost savings, convenience, customization, and even environmental conservation. If you’re looking to move, just let us know where you’re moving, pack up your equipment, and then we’ll help you install it in your new home. You’ll find that moving with Jade is a breeze!*