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Meet Jade Premium Wi-Fi.

We’ve found that Wi-Fi produced by store-bought routers is the main source of frustration and cause of trouble tickets for people who do not understand why their speeds seem slow or why their online experiences are subpar. This is the reason why we’ve decided to offer a fully managed Premium Wi-Fi service for our subscribers (at no extra cost).

Premium Wi-Fi gives your home an upgrade with signal in every room, strong connections for all your devices, and increased speeds for faster online activity. And it’s included in the cost of your service. Premium Wi-Fi is required for your Internet connection to work properly.

What are the benefits of Premium Wi-Fi?

With Jade Premium Wi-Fi, you don’t have to worry about updating your router’s firmware to keep it operating and secure, and we make sure it supports the latest devices and fastest speeds with all the latest updates. Plus, you get to control your Internet experience with the award-winning Jade Wi-Fi App, available on both the App Store and Google Play.  On the app, you can setup parental controls, run speed tests, create guest networks for parties and events, and get real time updates on your security and information. It’s truly worry free, stress free Wi-Fi.

Let Jade provide you with a worry-free, high-quality wireless home network. With more and more users and devices being connected to home networks, we can help you optimize your home Wi-Fi network to maximize the performance of your connected devices.

Jade Premium Wi-Fi includes:
  • The Jade Blast, a Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Ultimate privacy with intrusion prevention
  • Security from cyber criminals, viruses, and malicious websites
  • Remote support
  • 24/7 Troubleshooting
  • Wi-Fi Extender installation
  • Unplug the power from your Premium Wi-Fi system and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting.
  • Do not press the Reset Button on the back of the Jade Blast. If you have pressed the reset button on the router contact Technical Support to get further help.

The internet is a magical place, and Wi-Fi extenders are one of the ways we make that magic work in every room, crevice, and space in your home. Jade Wi-Fi Extenders extend network range and speed to parts of your home that may have a Wi-Fi dead zone. Mesh extenders use your existing Wi-Fi network to extend it to devices on the other side of your home.

Jade Wi-Fi Extenders Include:

  • Smart roaming intelligently connects your mobile devices to the fastest Wi-Fi as you roam around your house for seamless 4k video streaming, web surfing, and more
  • Wi-Fi 6 wireless chips, enabling faster speeds than traditional extender
  • Easy install
  • Strategic placement ensures Whole Home Wi-Fi coverage
  • Review the Quick Start Guide 

Consider Updating Equipment

Outdated devices – also called legacy devices – operate in older software versions that can cause high levels of interference and do not allow you to take advantage of current Wi-Fi speeds. Mixed generations of gaming consoles can also cause issues.

Be Aware of Signal Obstructions

Physical obstructions in homes such as adobe walls, cement walls, thick mirrors, metal frames or siding, and some types of flooring, can reduce the range of a Wi-Fi network by 25% or more. Adding a Jade Wi-Fi Extender to your home can extend your signal and give your more internet in every room.

Protect your Data and Your Family

Don’t be an easy target for individuals looking to access your personal information to use for their own illegal purposes. Viruses and Spyware programs are being created at an alarming rate. To help secure your computer and protect your personal information, we offer several recommendations.

  • Use Premium Wi-Fi (avoid store-bought routers)
  • Stay current on operating system updates
  • Leverage ProtectIQ – Jade’s system that protects you and your family from web intrusions and online viruses (included free in your internet service)
  • Use long passwords that contain numbers, letters, caps and special characters
  • Backup all critical data using an external drive

Feel free to contact Technical Support for additional help.

Yes, of course! We want your home internet to be quick and easy so we’ve assembled these fun, easy to read guides for you.